A Holistic Model to Implement Project Management Practices – Webinar

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A Holistic Model to Implement Project Management Practices

Many (perhaps most) organizations do not follow common and consistent project management practices.
Implementing project management practices requires people to change how they do their job. This means that the deployment effort should be seen as a culture change initiative. Many organizations think that if they can just provide project management training, their staff will suddenly become star project managers. There is a lot more to it than that. Culture change initiatives require a holistic and multifaceted approach – one that has long-term sponsorship and staying power. It would not be unusual for a large organization to take three years (or longer) to successfully implement a project management culture, while a small organization will take up to a year or more.

In this webinar, Tom Mochal will discuss an approach for successfully implementing project management practices.

July 1, 2014
17.00-18.00 GMT

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