TenStep lança um nova comunidade global de gestão de projetos

ATLANTA (April 17, 2007) – TenStep, Inc., a methodology development, consulting and training company founded by industry veteran Tom Mochal, announced the official launch of a new collaborative “Global Project Management Community” website today.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of a new TenStep Community website,” said Tom Mochal, President, TenStep, Inc. “This online community space will provide members an opportunity to collaborate and network with industry professionals from around the world and to help companies and individuals become more effective in their businesses .”

“We are excited to launch this new online community space” said Shawn Futterer, Managing Director of TenStep Global Community. “The purpose of the community site is to provide a comprehensive place for Project Managers and project management enthusiasts to gather, network, learn, share ideas and lessons learned, to promote the industry, locate jobs and much more. The online “collaborative” space is experiencing strong growth. Along with growth comes the need to build new strategies and capabilities. Individuals, companies and organizations all want to become better at the practice of project management and we now have a new vehicle for that .”

“We are very glad to have this online presence,” Mochal added. “We receive tens of thousands of visitors per month to our websites. The TenStep Global Community will now provide an opportunity for these visitors to interact and collaborate.”